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Federico's Home Screen

Federico's Home Screen

The Home Screen on my iPhone 15 Pro Max is largely a product of refinement over the past few months as well as acceptance of certain habits of mine that dictate how I like to use my iPhone. I tried different approaches over the years, and as much as I want to keep an open mind regarding new features and ways to use my devices, I pick up my iPhone hundreds of times per day; there are some aspects of the iOS experience that just have to be a certain way for me.

For instance, at this point in my life, I don’t have a need for multiple Focus modes that change which notifications I get or which Home Screen pages I see on my iPhone. I tried to get into Focus modes years ago – and it continues to be an open experiment from time to time – but ultimately I realized that my schedule is unpredictable enough, and my love for consistency too strong, that there’s no point in me trying to come up with different modes for a device that I always want to use a certain way. Perhaps this will change if I ever start a proper workout routine, or if I start playing videogames on my iPhone more seriously, or if have any kind of regular activity in my life that would require a specific “fixed” state on my iPhone. But so far, it hasn’t.

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