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Early Issues with Shortcuts on visionOS


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Early Issues with Shortcuts on visionOS

In playing around with my Vision Pro these past few days, I’ve run into a series of issues and limitations with the Shortcuts app that I thought I’d share here in MacStories Weekly with Club members.

At the moment, there is no native Shortcuts app for visionOS, which means that, if you have a Vision Pro, you’ll be using the Shortcuts app in iPad compatibility mode. Obviously, this is not an ideal experience since it means the Shortcuts app UI won’t be a native (and translucent) visionOS one, but there are at least some good news on this front. For starters, since the app uses iCloud, all your shortcuts will carry over to the Vision Pro, including the ones you’ve selected for share sheet use. After signing into my Vision Pro and waiting a few minutes, I found my existing shortcuts in the Safari share sheet, where they worked as expected. Shortcuts in Safari for visionOS even support webpage selections just like on other platforms, which continues to be a unique advantage of Apple’s browser.

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