Compiling and Exporting Tagged Notes in Drafts 5


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Compiling and Exporting Tagged Notes in Drafts 5

As I shared on MacStories earlier this week, I’m in the process of evaluating whether Drafts 5 could replace Editorial for my Markdown automation and perhaps become the app I use to write my annual iOS review. Putting together these longform pieces involves a lot of writing, editing, and navigating between different sections; the more I can automate these tasks, the more time I can spend doing what actually matters for the story – which is testing the new version of iOS and ensuring the review is up to my standards.

Once I started looking into Drafts 5, I realized I could take advantage of its JavaScript engine to build a custom action that would compile the latest version of my iOS review draft and back it up in multiple locations as a single .md file. The resulting combination of JavaScript and built-in actions seemed useful enough that I could share it with Club MacStories members in a first installment of the Workflow Corner entirely about Drafts 5.

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