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September 9, 2021

Automation Academy: Diving Deeper into Shortcuts' Files Actions for iOS and iPadOS 15

Files actions in iPadOS 15.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first monthly lesson of the Automation Academy. As the release of iOS and iPadOS 15 draws near, this month we’re taking a look at a revamped suite of actions in the updated Shortcuts app that will radically change how you can get work done on iPhone and iPad: the new Files actions.

In this lesson, I’ll explain how Shortcuts’ new integration with Files works and how it differs from iOS 14; I will take a closer look at new and updated actions and cover a variety of tips and tricks on how to configure them; and finally, I’ll be sharing a selection of shortcuts I’ve put together to demonstrate these actions, along with the first assignment for Club MacStories members.

Let’s get started.

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