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Automating Markdown with Taio, Part 1


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Automating Markdown with Taio, Part 1

For this week’s installment of the Shortcuts Corner, I wanted to try something different and cover an app I’ve been meaning to explore more in depth for a while: Taio.

I mentioned Taio a couple times on AppStories and Connected before, and I also covered it here on MacStories Weekly when it launched in late 2020. Taio (which stands for “text all-in-one”) is a Markdown-based text editor, clipboard manager, and text automation utility all rolled into one, resulting in what ostensibly feels like the spiritual successor to Editorial. As longtime MacStories readers may remember, discovering Editorial and the possibilities offered by its visual automations was one of the pivotal moments of my writing career; for this reason, when I was first told about Taio months ago, I started following the app’s development closely and talking to its developers regarding the app’s roadmap. I said multiple times before that I wasn’t switching away from iA Writer but that I was keeping an eye on Taio; this week, I finally took some time to sit down with the app, learn about its automation features, and create my first custom actions for Markdown documents.

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