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App Debuts


Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.


The versatile Mastodon client Tusker, which we covered a few weeks ago on AppStories, was updated this week with a lot of enhancements and nice quality-of-life improvements. Some of the highlights include: you can now pin specific public timelines to the Home tab of the app; you can choose to hide rich link preview cards; the Bookmarks screen now supports infinite scrolling to load large sets of bookmarked posts; there is proper state restoration for more screens in the app; and, my favorite, you can now choose to sync your timeline position using the Mastodon API rather than iCloud. In my early tests, I haven’t been able to sync my Home timeline with the Home tab in the Mastodon web interface, but the Tusker developers mention in the app’s settings that it’s a known limitation. The Mastodon sync API seems to be a relatively new and barebones option that’s not widely supported yet, so I hope to see more work from the Mastodon team put into this feature soon. Eventually, I’d love to seamlessly switch between iOS and web clients for Mastodon and always keep my timeline position.

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