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App Debuts


Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.

Aviary 2

Shihab Mehboob’s powerful Twitter client recently received a major update that introduces a brand new technical foundation for the app, which, in my tests, has been a lot faster and more stable than the original version introduced last year. Aviary, which is based on the modern Twitter API for third-party clients, has a few unique features that I haven’t seen in other clients such as a multi-column layout on iPad which, as of the latest update, can be rearranged in any way you want, allowing you to design a widescreen Twitter experience that’s reminiscent of Tweetdeck. In addition to an iOS- and iPadOS-native design that supports context menus throughout the app, widgets, keyboard shortcuts, and more, Aviary has features such as sentiment analysis for tweets, which can be combined with its own filtering feature to, say, automatically exclude tweets that machine learning considers “negative” or “offensive”. There’s support for iCloud sync for your timeline, deep customization for the app’s UI and colors, the ability to pin tweets with a custom Picture in Picture mode anywhere onscreen, and even an option to view tweets and media in a special augment reality mode (who wouldn’t want to view Twitter memes in AR?). If you checked out the original Aviary last year and didn’t stick to it, I recommend taking the new app for a spin again.

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