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Timery, my favorite time-tracking app for Apple platforms, received a big update this week that has brought some additional flexibility for the Mac app and the Home Screen widgets on iOS and iPadOS.

On the Mac, Timery’s menu bar item no longer needs a Timery window to be open in the background or foreground. This was an old limitation of the app: if you wanted to use Timery’s menu bar item, a Timery window had to be open somewhere. This is no longer the case and you can now close a Timery window without forcing the whole app to quit. Speaking of which, you can now also run Timery just in the menu bar by hiding its dock icon.

I’m very excited about the new Recent Time Entries widget, which I personally requested from Timery developer Joe Hribar a while back and he was kind enough to add to the app. If you, like me, often find yourself restarting a recently used timer, you can now do so very easily with a widget that shows you a grid of your latest time entries. You can choose how to sort recent time entries and enable a compact mode that displays more entries in the widget. Recent time entries are even supported in Shortcuts, where Timery now offers a ‘Get Recent Time Entries’ action that returns a rich list object of your latest timers.

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