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Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.


The album-focused music player by Adam Linder, which we previously reviewed here, has received a substantial 4.2 update that introduced iCloud sync for your now playing queue, quick actions, tags, and other data. I’m not familiar with other third-party Apple Music players that sync your queue over iCloud, so this is pretty neat. (Alas, due to a bug in iOS 15, iCloud sync can’t be enabled on the beta at the moment.) Along with dozens of other tweaks, Albums now supports proper search for albums in your library or on the Apple Music catalog, lets you browse albums by record label, producer, or mixing engineer (I love this), and comes with new bulk actions to hide or tag multiple albums at once. As soon as iCloud sync gets fixed in the iOS 15 beta, I plan to take Albums for another spin since I’ve always appreciated its album-centric design.

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