A Simple Screenshot Menu for the iPad Dock


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A Simple Screenshot Menu for the iPad Dock

I’ve been finalizing a major update to my Apple Frames shortcut this week (look for it on MacStories at some point next week), and as part of the process of testing the shortcut, I was taking dozens of screenshots on my iPad Pro. In doing that, I realized I was performing the same actions for those screenshots over and over, and I wondered if I could simplify that workflow by saving a couple of clicks. Thanks to Shortcuts’ integration with Apple’s OSes, the answer was yes.

As I mentioned in my iOS 16 review in September, one of my favorite system enhancements this year is the ‘Copy and Delete’ button that was added to the screenshot markup screen after you click ‘Done’. That’s something I do all the time: I take a screenshot, click ‘Done’, select ‘Copy and Delete’ so I don’t end up with the screenshot in my photo library, then open Messages or Spring and paste the image. At a very basic level, I wanted to build a shortcut that would replicate that behavior without having to click ‘Done’ and ‘Copy and Delete’ every time.

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