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A Real-Time Messaging Scratchpad

A Real-Time Messaging Scratchpad

Like many fellow nerds reading this column, I find myself wanting to quickly share bits of text and URLs between computers more than most people. I don’t know what it is about a fast, reliable scratchpad that appeals so much to folks like John and me (and I’m guessing many of you), but it’s a feature I find myself revisiting in terms of apps and workflows on a regular basis. The latest entry in this never ending saga is a relatively unknown feature that has surprised me with its speed, simplicity, and utility: the ability to message yourself on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp rolled out the ability to have a chat with yourself last month, and it works everywhere: you can start a conversation with yourself on iPhone, access it from WhatsApp on the web, via its Windows client, or view it with the brand new, Catalyst-based WhatsApp for Mac. Starting the chat with yourself couldn’t be easier: when composing a new conversation, look for your own contact card, and you’ll see a label underneath it that says ‘Message yourself’.

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