August 26, 2021

The Macintosh Desktop Experience, Exploring the Loupedeck Live: A Task-Focused Mac Control Panel

Today, I want to introduce you to a Mac accessory that hasn’t gotten much attention in our corner of the Apple tech world: the Loupedeck Live, which I received from Loupedeck a couple of months ago for testing. If you’re familiar with Elgato’s Stream Deck, you probably already have a general sense of what the Loupedeck Live does: it’s a programmable control panel for your Mac that retails for $269. This isn’t a copycat product, though. The Loupedeck Live has a unique design and approach to how it controls and integrates with your Mac. It’s that unique blend that grabbed me and clicked with the way I work in a way that the Stream Deck never has.

That’s not to say the Stream Deck isn’t a capable device. Many people have created powerful workflows around it. As I’ll get into in more detail below, part of what I don’t like about the Stream Deck is its design. I’ve never liked its clear curved buttons that distort the icons shining through their curved surfaces. I prefer the Loupedeck Live’s slimmer profile and the way the physical and touch buttons complement the device’s dials. My preference also comes down to the software that lets me set up apps, workspaces, and actions in a task-oriented way that fits with how I work.

The reason I raise the Stream Deck isn’t to make point-by-point comparisons. That’s been done. Instead, I think it’s instructive to keep in mind that there are always alternatives worth considering. Just like discovering an app nobody seems to be using, discovering a new twist on an existing accessory category leads to the sort of interesting remixes of proven and novel technologies that keeps the Mac a vibrant platform.


August 26, 2021

Custom RSS Feeds

Our advanced filtering also powers customizable RSS feeds, which you won’t find on other websites. Every filter you create as a Club MacStories+ or Club Premier member can be turned into a personalized RSS feed that works as long as you’re a member. The feeds work with any RSS reader, and because they are based on the open RSS standard, the feeds you create don’t require a separate login or other authentication either.

August 25, 2021

Filtering with Explore

The Explore option that you’ll find in the navigation bar at lets Club MacStories+ and Club Premier readers create custom filters of Club content by:

  • Publication type
  • MacStories Weekly section
  • The new columns Federico and I are writing for Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members
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  • Date range

Filters are powerful on their own, but can also be paired with keyword searches to refine results further thanks to our web app, Calliope.

August 25, 2021


The number one request we have gotten from Club members over the years is for a way to search the back catalog of around 350 newsletters. We’ve always wanted that, too, and so, for Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members, we’ve introduced full text search of every issue of MacStories Weekly and the Monthly Log ever published, along with the ability to refine searches with filters.

August 24, 2021

About Existing Club MacStories Accounts

Yesterday, we launched two new Club MacStories tiers and AppStories+. If you’re an existing member, you can upgrade to a Club MacStories+ or Club Premier account with your existing Club MacStories login. However, nothing about the existing Club MacStories subscription is changing, so if you’re happy with what you have now, there’s no need to do anything.

In fact, we’ve added the ability to read complete issues of Club MacStories and the Monthly Log in light or dark mode on the web to existing Club accounts. Issues are now shareable too.

August 20, 2021

MacStories Weekly: Issue 286

In this issue: Having announced AppStories+ earlier in the week, Federico shares a final clue about the announcements we’ll be making on Monday, John recommends the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe and reflects on finally launching something after many months, plus the usual Links, App Debuts, a recap of MacStories articles, and a preview of upcoming podcast episodes.


August 6, 2021

MacStories Weekly: Issue 284

In this issue: Federico continues his Obsidian setup series with a look at his ‘Dashboard’ note, how it’s organized and the plugins and shortcuts he uses with it, an interview about the Playdate with developer Shahid Ahmad, John on why he chooses to not automate certain easily automated tasks, plus the usual Links, App Debuts, a recap of MacStories articles, and a preview of upcoming podcast episodes.


July 30, 2021

MacStories Weekly: Issue 283

In this issue: In this issue: Federico on music server app Roon, John shares a shortcut for saving podcast clips as text, YouTuber and photographer Chris Lawley walks readers through his iPad Home Screens, a new issue of MacStories Unplugged, plus the usual Links, App Debuts, a recap of MacStories article, and a preview of upcoming MacStories podcast episodes.