How I Approach Automating Evolving Workflows

How I Approach Automating Evolving Workflows

Producing and assembling Weekly and the Monthly Log relies on a long list of shortcuts.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the holidays rethinking workflows and building automations. That may not sound like taking time off, but I find it relaxing to break down a workflow and find a better way to accomplish the same task when I’m not under the pressure of other deadlines. The result has been about a dozen new shortcuts and a long list of changes to my Obsidian setup and plugin system.

I haven’t linked the shortcuts I’ve created here because they are very specific to my work, but I may be able to generalize and share some of them later. However, today, I want to cover what I’ve learned in the process about how to approach automation and which tools to use with a set of self-imposed rules:

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