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The Clock

The Clock by Fabrice Leyne is the last world clock app you’ll ever need on your Mac. At first glance, the menu bar app looks incredibly simple. Behind the simple calendar and timezone list that drops down when you click on its menu bar icon is a wealth of customization options to suit a wide range of needs.

Time zones bite everyone at some point. I’ve worked with Federico for long enough that my brain works in hybrid Chicago/Rome mode most of the year, but I still get thrown off when Europe and the US are out of sync with daylight savings time. If that were the only complication, I’d probably be fine, but I still find myself needing to coordinate calls around the world, translating media embargoes into my local time, and keeping up with the local time in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, where my two oldest kids live. So, for those times when I’m not just adding seven to my local time to keep up with Federico, I turn to The Clock.

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